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Destination Cuba was established by a team of the most highly experienced and passionate experts on tourism in Cuba. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to help you develop and increase your sales to Cuba and we are sure you will benefit greatly from our unique strengths.



Accessing the best hotel products, availability and competitive rates is crucial for your success in Cuba and the team at Destination Cuba are here to help in the following ways:


We offer competitive prices often over a year in advance to help your sales. We regularly distribute special offers for a variety of hotels and can quote and receive payments in over 20 currencies.



Our team operate day and night to secure fast confirmations to your hotel requests and for many bookings we can confirm instantly through our hotel allotments.



We enjoy instant access to room availability through our extensive hotel allotments and can operate with free sales, allotments and even have access to guaranteed rooms in popular hotels!  We pass these benefits to you!



We maintain factual, well written hotel descriptions, sales tips and large stocks of images for your use.  We can also provide detailed health and safety audits and risk assessments for all hotels if required.


Product Knowledge

With a detailed personal knowledge of Cuba’s hotels, we are always up to date with the latest hotel situations and news so you can benefit from our unbiased guidance and knowledge. We strongly see our role as supporting your sales teams to ensure the hotels are described and sold accurately so that your clients enjoy their holiday in Cuba .


Accessing the best hotel products, availability and competitive rates is crucial for your success in Cuba and the team at Destination Cuba are here to help in the following ways:


Tailor-made Travel

We are highly regarded for our experience in creating tailor made itineraries for FITS and Groups. Having travelled so many times throughout Cuba we have the detailed knowledge to support your requests and assist as follows:

  • Ensuring you receive competitive prices

  • Answering ALL your questions

  • Making suggestions to support you throughout the quote

  • Creating bespoke itineraries from the simplest request you receive

  • Helping with sales tips and hints to help you win the business


As the largest Caribbean island, Cuba is perfect for combining tours of the island with the more traditional beach holiday.  Destination Cuba can offer mini tours lasting a few nights up to  more comprehensive two week tours.

  • We can create tours for any budget, group size and specialist interest

  • Our unsurpassed knowledge allows you to promote a tour that is more interesting and unique than your competitors

  • Offer room allotments over a year in advance to assist you with your sales

  • Provide experienced tour leaders and special interest tour leaders to accompany your groups and act as YOUR team leader if required


In addition you can promote our fully guided 7 night tours and 2/3 night mini tours, covering every area of Cuba and enjoy GUARANTEED departures throughout the year. 


By working with the local transport providers in Cuba, we can offer you the widest possible choice of transportation for your itinerary planning which includes a choice of Transfers, Car Hire and Domestic Flights.


Car Hire is a very popular way to explore Cuba and your clients will enjoy hiring a car for a few days or longer.  It’s a very safe way to explore Cuba and the roads are very quiet!


We maintain excellent relationships with all the car hire companies in Cuba and have a  PROVEN track record of securing a car for you when many other companies are unable to provide confirmations!


Bookings can be made on all domestic routes on either Cubana or Aero Caribbean.

By using allotments on the more popular routes we have a PROVEN track record of obtaining seats on very popular flights!     

Destination Cuba can access the charter flights operating in Cuba that do not appear on any flight reservation systems, a very important and unique advantage.  


By working with the local transport providers in Cuba, we can offer you the widest possible choice of transfers, including:

  • Shared Transfers

  • Private Transfers

  • Cuba Shuttle Network

  • Taxi Transfers

  • Sightseeing Transfers


Group travel, is our passion! Ask us to tell you about some of the most diverse and interesting groups we have arranged! With a proven track record of arranging the most demanding and specialist groups, with our creativity and detailed tour planning you can be confident that your group will be special.



We can provide detailed, itineraries from your most basic request, giving you a range of alternatives to help ensure your budgets and requirements will be achieved.

Our sales tips and suggestions will help you secure the group booking ahead of your competitors and we can assist alongside you at any meetings with your group organisers / clients to help you secure the group business.


We make it our priority to secure and confirm the land services promptly to help you start selling.

Enjoy the service of an experienced and dedicated team member, to assist you with all aspects of the group operation to ensure a successful visit to Cuba!



We know that for clients to spend the time and money to enjoy their special interest in Cuba, they will expect a professional, knowledgeable and bespoke service. We enjoy a proven track record of handling the most diverse range of special interest Groups and FIT travel,  ask us for full details of what we have achieved in Cuba over the years, you will be amazed!

If you have a special interest tour request, you can totally rely on Destination Cuba, because:

  • We have over 20 years of experience in special interest travel to Cuba which means undoubtedly, we will already have handled a similar tour on a previous occasion

  • We don’t claim to be experts on a diverse range of interests, however we have a growing network of consultants who ARE recognised experts on your client’s interest in Cuba who will assist you with tour planning and tour leading if required

  • In Cuba, we maintain regular contacts with local experts and use local clubs and associations to provide the specialist knowledge for the tour.

  • We work closely with Cuban academics, organisations and Ministries to ensure access to key locations or people to enhance your special interest product.



Located throughout Cuba , highly recommended and extremely popular, Casas Particulares (often referred to as ‘Casas’) are fully-licensed private bed and breakfast accommodation, with many offering a more boutique hotel-style stay.

Your clients looking for a high standard of accommodation need not shy away, as upmarket Casa choices can be equal to a boutique hotel, allowing discerning travellers to sample the ‘real’ Cuba with authentic accommodation, without compromising on comfort or style.

Destination Cuba enjoy an unrivalled portfolio of the very best Casas in each location in Cuba and our recommended properties consistently attract excellent feedback from guests and for many a stay in a Casa is the highlight of their holiday in Cuba.

Whether your clients  are looking for an entire house exclusively for their  party with a cook on hand to prepare fresh homemade food, or just a comfortable room with a private bathroom and the opportunity to meet other guests in the communal terrace, lounge or dining area we have a wide range of options to offer.

All the casas in our portfolio have private bathroom facilities and air conditioning, and we hand-pick our Casas to ensure they are well located and central.

We work with the same Casas regularly and inspect them frequently in person. We know our hosts personally face to face, and build close relationships allowing us to confidently recommend  the properties we use.

With literally thousands of Casas throughout Cuba, guidance from our experienced team who know our portfolio intimately, is highly recommended.

To assist your sales we can offer a full Casa Particular service through

  • First hand and regularly updated personal knowledge of our Casa portfolio

  • All Casas well located and with long experience of welcoming our clients

  • Images and descriptions available for our Casa portfolio

  • Efficient and speedy booking process

  • Guaranteed rooms in selected Casas in high seasons



  • Tourists from most of the world wishing to visit Cuba are required to travel with a valid tourist visa / card that is very simple to complete . Destination Cuba have full accreditation from the Cuban authorities to issue the tourist visa to your clients .

  • Citizens of a small number of countries enjoy visa free travel to Cuba and also citizens of a select number of countries require additional security checks and therefore clients must apply directly to the Cuban Consulate in the designated country for a tourist visa . For the latest list of affected countries please do not hesitate to contact Destination Cuba.



  • Sending bulk stocks of tourist visas on a regular basis within Europe to our tour operators and agents from a minimum of 10 cards or more .

  • Advise and support on the visa service you can offer to your clients and mechanisms in place to allow you to earn revenue from tourist visa sales .

  • Assistance with last minute or urgent visa requests with fast track mail or courier service within Europe

  • Support and advice on completing the tourist visas allowing you to gain the knowledge to support your clients

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