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“A highly experienced, dynamic and creative DMC, providing a comprehensive portfolio of services to one of the world’s most unique and fascinating destinations, CUBA”.

CUBA DMC is a highly experienced, dynamic and creative DMC, offering the most comprehensive service portfolio to CUBA, one of the most unique and fascinating destinations in the world!

Occupying a unique position as a private company operating in Cuba, our customers can also greatly benefit from full office support in Turkey. We offer excellent communication and support from the first contact and offer a completely honest, impartial and transparent service. unknown target

With a European approach to group planning and 20 years of experience working specifically in Cuba, clients have a dedicated project manager throughout their Turkey office who makes communication and communication much easier, as well as a dedicated team member from our team. Havana office. CUBA DMC maintains deep-rooted relationships with our suppliers, including key Government contacts, key hotel decision makers and emerging private sector carriers and shakers who bring to Cuba an inspiring feast of opportunities to meet, dine, stay and enjoy this emerging situation. . MICE target.

Hakkında: Ben Kimim
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